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Coil - IUD


Coil - IUD



MOST Sexually Transmitted Infections MAY HAVE NO SYMPTOMS so get a check up if you have a change of partner. Some common symptoms are listed below, click on boxes to find more detailed information. Please contact us for advice if you are concerned about symptoms

Men - burning when peeing/discharge from penis


Women - unusual bleeding/discharge

Ulcers on genital areas, rashes over whole body, long term complications if not treated

Men -discharge from penis/burning when peeing,

Women - unusual bleeding/discharge



Early infection can cause flu like illness with rash, many people have no symptoms until late complications of AIDs develop

Painless lumps on

genital areas

Several types (A,B and C) can all cause yellowing of skin or eyes (jaundice) or may have no symptoms

Painful blisters or sores on the genitals, may have problems passing urine and feel generally unwell



Men only - pain when peeing and/or discharge from tip of penis


Women only - pain in tummy with sex, unusual bleeding, discharge

Itchy rash on skin, usually worse at night, not always from sexual contact

Women - itching, discharge and soreness

Itching in affected (hairy) areas, worse at night

Men only - pain, redness and swelling in the testicles (balls)/scrotum

Can be a cause of NGU in men or PID in women

Small painless, smooth lumps

on genital area



Women only - NOT an STI

can cause discharge with odour

Very common and NOT an STI, symptoms include genital itching soreness and discharge

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